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Apply for German Corporate Scholarship

Be a highly desirable MBA applicant. Translation: If you want a scholarship to ISMS Global MBA, it's all about talent and intelligence. If you want a scholarship anywhere else, it's all about rankings. Most business school pay for high GMAT scores, no matter what they say publicly. That's because Asia, or Europe or U.S. News & World Report's MBA ranking include average GMAT scores for an incoming class as a key metric in the methodology. It's also because higher GMAT scores have become a symbol of sorts for how smart your incoming students are, even though the GMAT test is not a test of intelligence or of likely career success.

At ISMS Bangalore, we spent a good deal of time researching this topic-- more than anyone else has ever done-- and created a series of corporate projects and some general test to test the candidates looking for MBA scholarships that one hits the bulls eye in regard to our desirable candidates.

Any student (prospective) having an academic score of 75% and above in any of the TWO exams will be shortlisted for the corporate GERMAN Company sponsored Scholarship.

10 th Board Exams/ 12 th Board Exams/ Graduation university Exams/ MAT/CAT/CMAT/XAT entrance with 75% and above.

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