North Western State Medical University

North-western State Medical University

North-western State Medical University named after I.I.Mechnikov was formed, as a result of merger of two oldest educational medical institutions in Russia – Saint-Petersburg Medical Academy of Postgraduate Studies and Saint-Petersburg State Medical Academy n. a. I.I. Mechnikov. North-Western State Medical University named after I.I. Mechnikov” under the Ministry of Public Health of the Russian Federation was started in 1947.

The founder of Mechnikov university is the Ministry of public health of Russian Federation.

The activity of the University is based on cooperation and coordination of educational, clinical and scientific activity. It makes possible to prepare competent specialists, who possess up-to-date knowledge and are able to use it in practice.

4,200 students (~3000 students on budgetary education form and ~1200 on fee-based educational form) are studying at the University, among them are 500 students from foreign countries.

Besides that, at the University are studying over 670 interns and about 1500 clinical residents, 460 Ph.D. candidates do their postgraduate work. Up to 35 000 specialists undergo their short- and long- term postdoctoral training annually.

Diagnostic and clinical work at Mechnikov University is managed in 6 own clinics, which capacity is 1645 beds and include 25 clinical specializations. Clinical subdivisions of the University provide high-skilled medical help to 40000 patients at hospital and about 300000 outpatiently yearly.

The research work at Mechnikov University is conducted in accordance with recent scientific development directions of biomedical sciences. Considerable attention is paid to studies in the field of health protection and sanitary and epidemiological welfare of population. The long-term strategy is focused on effective transfer of fundamental and applied scientific action results and on building supportive scientific-educational environment, what will make possible to prepare specialist of highest qualification.

For Foreign Students

Medium of Teaching: English

Qualification needed: NEET qualified

Training of foreign students at the Federal State budget institution of higher education “North-Western State Medical University named after I.I. Mechnikov” under the Ministry of Public Health of the Russian Federation was started in 1947.

Training of foreign students is carried out in accordance with the national and international standards of higher medical education.

The educational level of graduates and their diplomas are recognized by the General Medical Council in many countries (India, Sri Lanka, United Kingdom of Great Britain, Jordan, USA, Middle East, etc.).

For the international scientific society NWSMU named after I.I. Mechnikov provides a wide range of educational services:

  • undergraduate programs for graduates in the following specialties: “General Medicine”, “Preventive Medicine”, “Dentistry”; Master degree program
  • training programs for postgraduate studies (Clinical Residency, PhD study);
  • various forms of internships and professional development;

Documents needed to fill the mandatory conditions

To apply for a study visa to enter the territory of the Russian Federation, You need to get an invitation for entry issued by the UVM of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia in St. Petersburg and Leningrad region, for this you need to provide in Department visa support and migration registration (47 Piskarevsky Ave., 32 pavilion, 9 office) or send a package of documents to the post office of ovir@szgmu:

  • Application for registration of the invitation of the established sample.
  • Application for registration of the invitation, filled out in Russian language.
  • A photocopy of all completed pages of passport.
  • Notarized copy of passport translation.
  • Photocopy of multiple-entry visa (for students on preparatory courses).
  • Photocopies of education documents.
  • Photocopies of translations of educational documents certified by a notary.

Other Important Documents

Please note that after arrival in Russia for admission to the University you need to come to the Department of visa support and migration registration room 12 (32 building Ground floor) no later than the next day after admission and bring with you:

  • Passport with a stamp of the date of border crossing (Checkpoint stamp);
  • Visa (for visa entry);
  • Migration card with a stamp (Checkpoint stamp) on the date of border crossing;
  • Notarized translation of the passport of the Russian Federation (for citizens with visa- free entry);
  • Photos – 3×4, 4 pcs. (black and white or colored);
  • letter of consent from parents, a copy of the passport of the parent who signed the letter, and a copy of the birth certificate for entrant to the University with mandatory notarized translation into Russian (if at the time of documents submission the applicant is under age of 18). Letter of consent entitles minor applicants to sign all concluded contracts (contract for training, contract for hostel accommodation, contract on provision of additional educational services).
  • tickets (if necessary may be asked to clarify the arrival date).

Apply now

For admission enquiries and assistance Pl call 7829178217, 9886353917