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ISMS Consortia Programs

The value of ISMS Consortia program is to take you out of your normal operational environment and bring you together with like-minded and similarly positioned people from other aspects in the industry
Nitin Kumar-SAP ,Germany.

What global challenges face your organization?

Join executives from diverse industries, functions and cultures at ISMS International Consortia—and discover real, applicable solutions.

What is an Industry consortium? A unique, semi-custom, members-only learning program. An unprecedented opportunity for your future leaders to tap the minds of global thought leaders in search of solutions for your organization’s most pressing strategic global challenges.

During a consortium

  • You'll address business and cultural issues specific to your organization… all while learning from other organizations’ best practices, successes and challenges.
  • You'll attend the Bangalore/vienna-based program with colleagues from your organization as you work alongside like groups of individuals from non-competing global companies.
  • You're guaranteed a high-caliber, in-depth analysis and review of current global business strategies as you work with ISMS world-renowned faculty and other participants who are carefully selected from their multinational organizations.

Overview & curriculum

Unlike other executive education programs, ISMS Bangalore’s International Consortia is offered exclusively to partner organizations. As members, these organizations participate in defining the semi-custom curriculum to ensure their top-tier managers and executives get the most out of the experience. But unlike a custom program designed for a single organization, the ISMS Bangalore International Consortia draw on the real- world global challenges of all participating organizations.

Defined by its “three-dimensional” approach to learning—where participating organizations represent cross-industry, cross-function and cross-culture perspectives—ISMS Bangalore’s International Consortia provides non-competing globally focused organizations with access to a candid, constructive two-week series of courses, providing participants with the opportunity to build relationships, define their global mindset, expand their networks and hone their leadership potential.

Consortia programs address such timely global issues as

  • Succession planning and retention
  • Expansion into new markets
  • New product and service development
  • Profitable growth
  • Defining your organization’s global strategy

These topics are discussed via faculty lecture, case study, simulations and engaging group discussions. The result is a learning environment where challenges are aired, ideas are shared and solutions are discovered—all among non-competitive peers.