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Hostel Life

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Hostel Life

ISMS Hostel Life

At ISMS hostels encourage more social interaction between inmates creating bondings that last and promoting the spirit of cooperation. Friendships made, practically living together all the time, are stronger and super fun.

You live on your own in a hostel, No butler service is provided here. You take care or your belongings, your needs, and all the itsy bitsy things that make your day function. Students living in hostels thereby learn to live an independent life. Absence of dependence on people makes them streetwise and responsible.

However the best part about living in hostels is that inmates move in from different towns and belonging to different cultures. It makes for an interesting way to widen our perspective about different kinds of people and broaden our minds. Adjustment with varied people comes easily to you once out of a hostel and respect for people with different cultures, instilled here is a sure shot way of making this world a better place.

The Challenge

Hostel life is challenging if not stressing. If one is prudent enough to know her/ his limits and smart enough to know why hostels are a good bet, life at one, can be wonderful.

Absence of parents and kin may get a little lonely although that quite straightens up after you make friends.

Freedom is served in dollops on a platter here, so it’s easier going astray hence a bit of Timings deadlines, late entries register and other guidelines make you more controlled in your activities:

What you will get in our hostel

Spacious Rooms with bed, study table, chair, almirahs, kitchen, recreation room, Common Cafeteria for Breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Also Wi-Fi, security services 24/7 and cleaning facilities.