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Global MBA

Hone your global management skills

ISMS Bangalore MBA is one of the Best programs in the country. The Global MBA course is two years on-campus program that provides an in- depth study of the global political economy, leadership, strategy, negotiations and cross-cultural communications skills needed to successfully lead international teams, functions and organizations.

It comprises a package of MBA+PGPM+3 Global Certifications

  • Global Business Leadership from the Netherlands
  • Live Projects from Germany
  • ERP from Microsoft USA

MBA - affiliated to University of Mysore

PGPM - Post Graduate Program in Management : Industry Aligned

MBA + PGPM: Dual Degree with 3 International Certifications

At ISMS all students complete both MBA and PGPM programs simultaneously (leading to Dual Certification) along with International Certification Courses

MBA from University of Mysore:

  • Accredited with A+ Grade by NAAC
  • Identified as an 'Institution of Excellence' by the Government of India

An enduring symbol of higher education in India

The University of Mysore is among the foremost institutions of its kind and an enduring symbol in the sphere of higher education in India. It was founded by the then Maharaja of Mysore. The University of Mysore became the first University to be established outside the domain of the English administration in India, the sixth University in India as a whole, and the first ever University in Karnataka.

The University now encompasses 122 affiliated colleges and 5 Constituent Colleges (with an aggregate of 53,000 students). In addition, the University has 37 post graduate departments, 8 specialised research & training centres and 2 post graduate centres that together offer about 55 regular academic programmes to 3,500 students. The post graduate departments are reputed for excellence in advanced studies and research, and have attracted projects and grants worth crores of rupees from many national and international institutions.

Having served the cause of higher education and research with distinction and dedication for almost the whole of the 20th century, the University of Mysore now envisages the 21st century as an era of even greater growth and success during which it will produce well qualified and well-motivated youth to serve humanity as teachers, administrators, doctors, engineers, scientists, lawyers, social workers and in various other fields.


  • The first University in India to be assessed and accredited with FIVE STAR status in 2000, and re-accredited with A+ Grade by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC).
  • Identified as an ‘Institution of Excellence’ by the Government of India and awarded a grant of Rs. 100 crore to create a centre of excellence in Biodiversity, Bio Prospectus and Sustainable Development and foster all-round development of the University.
  • Offers as many as 75 postgraduate courses of diversified nature, 41 PG Diploma and other Diploma programs.
  • Has a main library with excellent infrastructure and a collection 6 Lakhs volumes in its systems today.
  • PhD programs in all departments and MPhil programs in select departments
  • Experienced faculty who have won prestigious fellowships and awards in the respective fields of physical and biological sciences, language, literature and humanities and social sciences.
  • MoUs with more than 20 leading Universities and institutions in India and abroad for promoting collaborative research, student and faculty exchange and granting academic affiliations to visiting scholars.

Specialistions : There are 22 Specialisations offered in MBA you can choose any of your Interest

  • M.B.A in GENERAL
  • M.B.A in Marketing Management
  • M.B.A in Investment Management
  • M.B.A in International Business
  • M.B.A in Tourism and Hotel Management
  • M.B.A in Financial Management
  • M.B.A in Hospital Management
  • M.B.A in Human Resources Management
  • M.B.A in Retail Management
  • M.B.A in Airline and Airport Management
  • M.B.A in Shipping and Port Management
  • M.B.A in Health Care Management
  • M.B.A in Shipping and Logistics Management
  • M.B.A in Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • M.B.A in Customer Relationship Management
  • M.B.A in Costing and Financial Management
  • M.B.A in Disaster Management
  • M.B.A in Banking and Finance Management
  • M.B.A in Event Management
  • M.B.A in Information System Management
  • M.B.A in Financial Services
  • M.B.A in Entrepreneurship
  • M.B.A in Services Management
  • M.B.A in Export Management
  • M.B.A in Project Management
  • M.B.A in Technology Management
  • M.B.A in Aviation Management
  • M.B.A in Materials Management
  • M.B.A in International Shipping and Air-Cargo Logistics Management
  • M.B.A in Shipping and Air-Cargo Logistics Management
  • M.B.A in Software Testing and Quality Management
  • M.B.A in Industry Integrated

Global Business Leadership Program: From The Netherlands , Switzerland & Austria

Hone your global management skills with ISMS Global Business Leadership (GBL) program. It is designed for professionals interested in broadening their global outlook and their worldwide network. Every module here is taught from a global perspective, which prepares you to lead and manage people across borders and across all levels of an organization. This program goes beyond the traditional business degree, offering you comprehensive instruction in global management disciplines, as well as cross-cultural communications, negotiations and international business leadership & strategy.

The GBL is a 80-credit hour on-campus program that provides an in-depth study of the global political economy, leadership, strategy, negotiations and cross-cultural communications skills needed to successfully lead international teams, functions and organizations.

Corporate Live Projects from Germany

Live Projects from Germany: This Real Business Project is hands-on learning experiences in a focused business area and in a particular region of Germany, composed of online training, Business Processes, Transcripts, site visits, high-level meetings and presentations with local businesses, cultural leaders to learn what makes doing business in the region unique.

Germany Projects equips you with the Business Process Engineering and software knowledge & skills to lead in the volatile global marketplace. With training that go far beyond the typical business-school curricula, Germany Trainers & Faculty deliver up-to- the-minute, real-world training in the intricacies of doing business in today’s interconnected world economy of Germany and or in any other part of the world also.

ERP Training: Domain based hands on training by Microsoft Certified Consultants

Key ERP modules: We provide training to students on some of the most common ERP modules include those for product planning, material purchasing, inventory control, distribution, accounting, marketing, finance and HR. A business will typically use a combination of different modules to manage back-office activities and tasks including the following:

Distribution process management, supply chain management, configure, prices, improve accuracy , facilitate better project planning, automate employee life-cycle, standardize critical business procedures, reduce redundant tasks, assess business needs, accounting , lower purchasing costs, manage human resources and payroll.ERP modules help an organization's administrators monitor and manage supply chain, procurement, inventory, finance, product Lifecycle, projects, human resources, customer relationship, business intelligence and other mission-critical components of a business through a series of interconnected executive dashboards.