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Student Testimonials

I am working as an Operations Director in the ITES industry, responsible for operations in 2 countries. I decided to enhance my educational qualification in order to lead the company in the most modern and optimal way and to deliver better results with my team.

I selected to study at ISMS College because it provides internationally recognized and certified standard of education. The staff is highly professional; the student platform contains information relevant to my line of work. My professors are providing me with interesting presentations and help me to implement the newly learned skills to my leadership style "

Govind Nair

"I was looking for an affordable, high quality education in Bangalore and I have found it in ISMS Bangalore. I am happy with my choice so far. The college provides comprehensive learning materials and practical assignments. The faculty are highly qualified and ready to provide useful feedback and food for thought. The staff is very friendly and helpful. I would definitely recommend my course, TPD and ISMS Bangalore to anyone with an interest in getting quaity education.”

Gurpreet J Singh

"I can positively say ISMS Bangalore has made me a better person. It has helped me to develop a positive attitude towards my studies and discover more about myself. Teachers are very caring and interested in students’ well-being. They make sure every class is fun, educational and interactive." Thanks ISMS Bangalore."

Kunal Sanghani

ISMS Bangalore Students Speak

Arpit Mehta, Class of 2010, Senior Operations Manager, Delloitte USA

“ISMS Bangalore provided me with invaluable opportunities to learn about all aspects of business. During the MBA program, I improved my skills in finance, accounting, business strategy, management, pricing, communication, and sales.

Nitin Nair, from Baroda, Gujarat, Class of 2009, HR – Manager UB Group

“ISMS Bangalore was an experience of a lifetime. I learned the importance of teamwork and gained the tools that I need to run a profitable business. I highly recommend ISMS Bangalore to anyone who is looking for a strong business education among experienced managers and exceptional faculty.

Amit K Jha from Mumba, Class of 2011, Bombay Stock Exchange, Equity Trader

“Doing am MBA abroad was a big investment, but I’m absolutely glad I made the decision. I’ve achieved a lot and had an excellent experience.”

Vishnu Priya from Mumbai, Class of 2013. HR Manager, Google

At ISMS I got an International exposure to cutting-edge consumer markets, study marketing of some of the world’s most active consumer markets. No matter where you choose to study, ISMS MBA helps you harness your energy to think strategically.

Sanil Sathayan from Mumbai, Class of 2012, Manager Lucid Technologies

“There are people from all over the world, which helps you learn about yourself, about different places, and about different people.”

Anjali Reji from Kerala, Class of 20155, Manager HDFC Bank

“ISMS gave me a chance to acknowledge what I had been reading in the newspapers.”

Priyanka Mishra, from Jharkhand, Class of 2011, Financial Consultant, JP Morgan

“I came to ISMS Bangalore to accelerate my professional maturity and make a career transition. ISMS Bangalore provided me with the integrated thinking and flexibility to adapt to the changing business world.”

Amit sarkar, from Jharkhand, Class of 2015, Manager,ANZ Bank

“I came to ISMS Bangalore because of the school’s focus on action learning, or ‘learning by doing’. I also really wanted to gain an modern education and liked the fact that ISMS Bangalore had a campus in Bangalore. At ISMS Bangalore, I learned how to lead a team in a multinational environment.”

ShwetaTaneja, from Odisha, Class of 2011, Regional Marketing Manager, Vibe

“ISMS Bangalore campus was great place to experience the business. Bangalore’s balance between the cultures of the East and West, coupled with the many different nationalities you’ll find among your classmates, means that all students find their own niche.

Anhul Das from Calcutta, Class of 2015, Executive Manager, Mynta.Com

“We received continual support from ISMS Bangalore’s Career Services team during our job search, practical advice, and relevant guides to succeed not only in finding a job but also in distinguishing ourselves in our professional lives.”

Gurpreet J Singh from Chattisgarh, Class of 2011, Senior Tax Analyst, Ernst & Young

“One of the things I most appreciate from my MBA experience at ISMS Bangalore is to have been exposed to such a diverse group of professional. It was like being in 30 different business trips in a year and five job rotations-exactly what it is to do business in today’s global economy.”

Indranil Mukherjee from West Bengal, Class of 2012, GMR Group

“The most valuable thing ISMS Bangalore has provided me with is the opportunity to connect with people form anywhere. This has prepared me for a career in any part of the world.”

Sujeet Maurya from Bihar, Class of 2013, Bajaj Finserve Ltd.

“ISMS Bangalore really seems to attract incredible professors. I have been impressed by all of my professors, and the small class sizes have made it possible to really get to know my professors and interact with them.

Parmesh Kumar from Jammu & Kashmir, Class 2012

“ISMS Bangalore’s graduates definitely fit the ‘global player’ description- we see the world as a global village and can easily be placed in a new location and operate there with no hesitation.”

Vinay Sharma from Uttarakhand, Class 2011

“ISMS Bangalore’s students come from around India. All of them contribute a lot to development and understanding as an individual as well as a professional.”

Amit Rathore from Kota Rajasthan, Class of 2011, Entrepreneur

“ISMS Bangalore is a really up-and –coming business school. The networking opportunities at ISMS Bangalore should not be understand – they will enable me to access international markets with greater ease.”